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An experiment with bracket_lib and legion, building a simple roguelike.

This started when I followed the the excellent Roguelike Tutorial - In Rust, to learn about ECS. It has diverted a lot.

It is not much of a game yet. Maybe one day it will be more fun playing than coding it?




  • Escape - quit.
  • hjkl yubn are used to walk. Hold down shift to walk until you let go of shift.
  • , - pickup a thing.
  • a - apply a thing.
  • d - drop a thing.
  • space - rest.
  • When picking a target, use the mouse or press enter to choose, escape aborts.
  • CTRL-P stores a screenshot in screenshot.png

Lots of things don't work. Create a PR if it bothers you.


Install Rust.

Clone the repo (you need to use the SSH link to clone the submodules).

cargo run

By Sarah Baker